A Data Visualization Experiment Through Interactive Displays
The end objective of this project was to create a data visualization poster through primary or secondary research. When conducting research for examples of data visualization, I came across some physical representations that resonated more with me than the digital representations. The string art visualization stuck out to me the most in all of the examples I found, especially the example of an interactive display for people to connect the identities they resonate with.
*Research Examples of string art interactive installations.
When thinking about connecting identities, I thought about one type of identity that everyone could connect with but is still different across every single person, which would be ancestry. Main research conducted for this project was collecting all tested populations from around the world from DNA testing websites. The main website used to collect a list of all current tested populations came from 23andMe.com.
Looking back on this project, this was my first time conducting an interactive display for collecting data, and I now know there are several things I would attempt to do differently. While I ended with a fun result with the string art, at the end of the day I forgot to count the strands of yarn for total population and for statistics on my demographics. Next I would come up with a more sound structure that I could leave the end result on for a while to refer back to until I’ve ended the project. I would also use thinner string instead of yarn to be able to see more of the results in the clustered areas of the map. Having more time for proofreading of the map would have been beneficial along with having a better camera and better light for documenting at the end of the day. Poor quality in photos, even though I used a DSLR camera, made putting my final product together a bit difficult. I’m interested in trying this interactive display again in several different locations to see how the results would vary from location to location.

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