​​​​​​​A Body Image Awareness Campaign
For the final project of the Fall 2018 semester in my graphic design studio, the class was given the option to choose what we wanted to do for our final projects with no rules, limits or boundaries. I decided to redesign and expand upon the Wicked Problem Poster project from earlier in the semester that I had done over body image.
*The original Wicked Problem poster completed earlier in the semester was rendered in Adobe Illustrator. The typefaces used for the phrase include Univers and Lavanderia.
I wanted to continue the initial concept I thought of during the Wicked Problem project, which was to create a sticker campaign about body image using objects associated with women’s bodies and quotes related to body image. I initially started with digital renderings of these objects with the Wicked Problem project, but I was not satisfied with this style for the campaign I wanted to create for body image awareness for the final project. I decided to redesign the objects by painting them in watercolor, taking a picture of the final painting, and then editing the pictures in Adobe Photoshop to enhance colors and cut the objects out of the original pictures. 
The objects chosen for the initial campaign are the apple, the pear, and the hourglass. I then wrote the quotes in hand lettering and then vectorized the quotes in Adobe Illustrator to then transfer into the sticker documents with the objects.  
When I started the process of planning out this campaign, I wanted to include a screen printed series with the sticker series, but due to time constraints, I changed the screen printed series to digital print posters that were larger versions of the sticker series. I still wish to continue the campaign into a screen print series later on.

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