Chalkboard Handlettering
I chose to make a handmade Chalkboard Announcement
because I wanted a break from the digital world. I have
always been someone who leans toward handcrafted
projects rather than digital renderings. There is something
about sitting down and making something with my hands
that calms me and relieves stress from the everyday work
on a computer. Hand lettering has always caught my eye
and this project gave me the perfect opportunity to start
playing with hand lettered designs.

I started my sketches with thumbnails and a few
different phrases to work with and choose from
later on. From the thumbnails, I moved on to 8x10
sketches of the thumbnails I thought worked the
best. From the 8x10 sketches, I chose to finalize the
sketch for the phrase, “Every time you buy handmade
a unicorn jumps over a rainbow.” I finalized the design
on the 8x10 sketch by going over the pencil sketch with
a permanent black calligraphy pen. From there I took a
picture of the finalized sketch, uploaded the photo to
my computer, and then used my mini screen projector
to shine the image on the chalkboard and trace the
image with a white chalkboard pen. After tracing, I
filled in and cleaned up the lines with the white pen
and then added colored accents to the unicorn’s hair,
the horn, the rainbow, and finished with the ornamental
figures in the top two corners of the chalkboard to
balance out the color.