Casey's Tribute
This 8' by 4' wall mural was done for a final in a
drawing class at Wichita State University. The
object of the project was to choose a word and
then illustrate the meaning of that word starting
with sketches and then transferred to the wall
to be painted.
The word chosen for this project was "broken"
because that is how I felt at the time. Only a
couple weeks before this project was assigned
to the class, I had lost my best friend. At 18 years
old, my Shih Tzu, Casey, passed away just a few
weeks before finals. I wasn't able to go home for
the last month of her life, and I was planning to
go home for the weekend the week she passed
away. I missed her by 2 days. In order to work
through the heartache, I decided to design a
way to make the mural a tribute to my Casey girl.
Representation of a shattered stained glass image
was used to represent the word "broken." Within
the shards in the bottom right hand corner of the
mural resembles a paw print in honor of Casey.