About the Artist
Hello! My name is Katelyn Berndt, and I am currently a 
graphic design student at Iowa State University where
I will graduate with my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree
in May of 2020. Current interests of mine are in
experiential design with a focus in interactive displays, 
typography, printmaking, photography, hand-lettering,
poster design and many other areas within the design
world that I would love to experiment with. 
Before coming to Iowa State University, I grew up in
Salina, KS where I first fell in love with graphic design
while involved in my high school theatre department.
Creating and crafting have been my strongest passions
in life. These passions led me to graphic design and
also starting my own craft business called Turtle's Corner. 
I make a variety of wall decor signs and other digital art
work. The business is taken around to local craft shows
to sell my products. The business is not online yet for
sales, but plans are in the works for rebranding to debut
for selling online after graduation. 
My passions have become my career which I will do with
joy and determination.